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City Čakovec

An undiscovered pear lies in northern Croatia – Međimurje.

First explore Čakovec. The charming small town will captivate you with its streets that always lead to the Zrinski Old Town. The Museum of Međimurje in Čakovec is also located here, as the perfect overture to your further exploration of the destination. Saturday morning is when the town is at its liveliest. People usually stroll through the town centre, have a cup of coffee at one of the small cafés, and buy a bunch of flowers. At noon, you will hear the sound of a cannon, just like the one from Grič in Zagreb, and see the ceremonial Zrinski Guard marching through the town centre. It means that the time has come to find a restaurant which will captivate you with a modern presentation of its dishes.

Apart from its excellent wine, Međimurje is also famous for its delicacies such as pork traditionally preserved in lard (meso z tiblice). There is also the home-made pasta called “trganci”, which is eaten with various side-dishes and always calls for seconds. Apart from numerous salty delicacies, try “međimurska gibanica”. It is a pastry that contains everything – apples, cheese, walnuts and poppy seeds – and is exceedingly delicious. It is something you will want to bring home with you. Trust us! Numerous bike trails and wine roads lead to further areas to be explored. We certainly recommend you to explore the hills, which hide an interesting deer farm; the Mađerka hill, which offers a beautiful view; or the river Mura in Žabnik, where you can visit the interactive visitors’ centre that tells the story of the millers’ craft and the life of a miller as well as of the life near the river Mura itself. You are probably not aware of the fact that Međimurje is the location of the first oil spring in the world, of Dr Rudolf Steiner’s Centre and of the beautiful Mura-Drava Regional Park. Those are all places that warrant exploration.

Where the hosts are welcoming, where food and wine are fit for true gourmets, and where the nature relaxes in whichever direction you look … you want it to be your vacation destination.